MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool v1.3.3 Latest Version Download

By | April 6, 2024

MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool v1.3.3 Latest Version Download

MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool v1.3.3 is the latest version of this powerful tool that allows you to unlock the Bootloader, bypass authentication, remove FRP, and more. With features like partition manager, NV backup, and boot backup, this tool provides a comprehensive solution for MTK device users. Plus, its user-friendly GUI makes it easy for anyone to use. You can now download this tool for free and experience its extensive capabilities.

MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool v1.3.3 Latest Version Download

The most recent model that can be downloaded is MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool v1.3.3. To help consumers manage their MTK devices, it provides several Features and functionalities. Users can do one-time runs, unlock bootloaders, bypass authentication, format user locks, fix DM-Fail issues, remove FRP (SAMSUNG), flash auth through SP Flash, persist Mi Accounts, and backup or restore NV Settings and boot files with the use of this tool. A GUI is also included in the product for user convenience.

The MTK Lock Remover TTA Tool is a feature-rich program made to overcome authentication on MTK devices and remove various locks. It supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Python and has a one-time run feature. It is possible to execute SP Flash Auth, format user lock, correct DM-Fail, remove FRP, and unlock the Bootloader on Samsung devices with the aid of Win Lib USB. Additionally, it offers features like Back to Normal, Nikel, Persist (Mi Account), Omega GUI, FRP Remove, NV Backup, NV Erase, and Boot Backup.

Features of TTA MTK Lock Remover Tool:

  • OneTime Run: With this function, you can unlock your device without having to set up any drivers or software.
  • These functions allow users to unlock their devices using Python 64/32/Fix-Final.
  • With the aid of Win Lib USB, you can use this capability to unlock your device.
  • Access Bypass for Auth: You can avoid the device’s authentication process using this functionality.
  • Open Bootloader This function enables you to access your device’s bootloader.
  • Userlock Format: It enables formatting of the userlock partition on your device.
  • You can fix the DM FAIL problem on your device using the DM-Fail Repair function.
  • FRP (SAMSUNG): With the help of this feature, you may unlock Samsung devices’ FRP locks.
  • Flash Author SPYou can avoid the SP Flash Tool’s authentication process with this functionality.
  • Nickel: With this option, users can gain access to Xiaomi devices’ bootloaders.
  • Persist (Mi Account): Using this feature, you can provide Xiaomi devices access to your Mi Account.
  • Omega: It enables users of Xiaomi smartphones to reset their user locks.
  • GUI: The function provides the application with a graphical user interface.
  • User lock (Master Clear): You can master clean your device using this feature.
  • FRP Deactivation: Using this feature, you can turn off the FRP lock on your device.
  • Partition Manager: This function enables you to manage the device’s partitions.
  • NV partition backup: Using this capability, you can back up the NV partition on your device.
  • The NV Erase Feature: Using this choice, you can remove the NV partition from your system.
  • Return to Normal: With the use of this feature, users can return the NV component of their device to its factory settings.
  • Users can restore backups of the NV partition on their device using the NVM Restore feature.
  • Users can back up their device’s boot partition using the boot backup feature.

How To Use It?

  • Download the software package on your computer.
  • Save the document to your desktop.
  • Put the settings in place.
  • Run the program on a desktop as an administrator by using the shortcut.
  • Ensure that your device is linked to your computer.
  • You must use the “Onetime Run” option in the application the first time.
  • Choose the action that has to be taken.
  • Enjoy!

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