MTK Meta Utility Tool Latest Version Free Download

By | June 10, 2024

MTK Meta Utility Tool Latest Version Free Download

MTK Meta Utility Tool Have you ever needed to unlock a phone with MediaTek MTK technology but ran into Secure Boot security as a barrier? If so, you are not by yourself. Many smartphone owners have encountered difficulties while attempting to use the SP flash tool to do tasks like flashing or unlocking their phones because it is difficult to get beyond DAA & SLA Auth (Secure Boot protection). The MTK Auth Bypass Tool, also known as the MTK Meta Utility Tool, is a solution that can thankfully simplify your life.

MTK Meta Utility Tool Latest Version Free Download

Let’s first grasp the idea of Secure Boot security before delving into the specifics of the MTK Auth Bypass Tool. To guarantee the integrity and validity of the firmware being flashed onto the device, MediaTek has incorporated DAA (Download Agent Authentication) and SLA (Signature Length Authentication). While these security mechanisms are necessary to protect the device from unwanted alterations, they can provide difficulties for authorized users.

Describe DAA/SLA Lock:

Android devices with MTK processors include the Digital Authentication Authority (DAA) and Software Licensing Authentication (SLA) lock as a security measure. It ensures that the device can only get authorized firmware or software upgrades, preventing malicious software from taking over.

Why Ignore the DAA/SLA Lock:

Although the DAA/SLA lock adds layer of security, there are times when users may seek to go around it. The DAA/SLA lock could prevent you from performing advanced system modifications or from installing custom ROMs, for instance. You can gain the freedom to personalize your smartphone as you choose by getting around the lock.

MTK Meta Utility Tool Latest Version Free Download

Features of MTK Meta Utility Tool:

  • Turn off Auth
    As it enables you to go beyond your device’s Digital Authentication Authority (DAA) and Software Licensing Authentication (SLA) lock, the “Disable Auth” feature is a game-changer.
  • You then have the option to add customized firmware and carry out sophisticated system alterations.
  • Read the ADB Info
    The MTK Meta Utility Tool allows you to read comprehensive information about your device using ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
  • This contains crucial information including the model of the device, the hardware details, and the software version.
  • Preloader Dump
    You can back up and remove the preloader from your device using the “Dump Preloader” option.
  • When you wish to run a clean firmware installation or debug preloader-related issues, this can be useful.
  • Review the Fastboot Info.
    The function “Read Fastboot Info”


  • Access ADB Info.
    When connected to a computer via ADB, the “ADB Info” command delivers comprehensive information on your Android device.
  • The model of the smartphone, Android version, build number, and other details are included.
  • View the Fastboot Info page
    “Fastboot Info” provides significant information about your device while it is in Fastboot mode, just like the ADB Info command does. This comprises the serial number, bootloader status, and other pertinent information.
  • Disable the Fastboot Mode.
    You can go out of Fastboot mode and restart your Android device normally by using the “Fastboot Reboot” command.
  • On Xiaomi, enable Diag (ADB).
    Specific to Xiaomi devices, the “Enable Diag” command activates Diagnostic Mode using ADB.
  • This mode is beneficial for carrying out some sophisticated activities and diagnostics.
  • Set up ADB (APK)

Meta Mod:

  • Read the Part of the Format (META)
  • Write the Part (Meta)
  • Regional MDDB/APDB (META) dumps TAKE (META)
  • dump for user area (Meta)
  • Meta-PGPT dumping
  • dump of EXT_CSD (META)
  • EMMC (META) Reset Factory Health Check. META
  • Factory META 2 PKG for Gen FRP reset Setback (META)
  • View NVRAM, Remove NVRAM, Input NVRAM, and Unlock NVRAM Network

MTK Meta Utility Tool Latest Version Free Download

How To Use?

  • Start your computer’s MTK Auth Bypass Tool:
  • Launch the MTK Auth Bypass Tool on your computer to get started.
  • To ensure best performance and compatibility, verify that the tool is installed with the most recent version.
  • Turn off your MTK-based Android phone fully before entering BROM mode.
  • You need to enter BROM (BootROM) mode once the device has been powered off.
  • Connect your smartphone to the computer using a compatible USB cable and the necessary key combination to accomplish this.
  • The particular key combination to enter BROM mode varies depending on the device, so check the user manual or conduct an online search for it.
  • Connecting Your Device to the Computer in BROM Mode:
    when your phone is inserted

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